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Code of Conduct

CODE OF CONDUCT:  We practice individual development and personal expression.  We have a few but very important dojo rules.  Treat the dojo with respect.  Treat others with respect.  Practice the golden rule. We recommend all students respectfully bow when entering and exiting the dojo and when greeting each other.  GI (black or white uniform) recommended.  Gi and Belt must be kept clean.  Please keep patches to a minimum.  If no GI, please wear clean gym clothes and/or rash guards.  Train barefoot or with approved shoes.  Please train with a clean body, including hair, feet, hands and trimmed nails.  Students are encouraged to participate in demo team, competitions and tournaments, but are not required to compete.  We award patches and belts as an honorable, achievement-based system of recognition.  Any individual with; controlling, disgraceful or reproachable behavior, dangerous mental illness, violent disposition, mental or emotional instability, infectious diseases, illnesses, clinically abnormal personalities or physiology, lack of self control, erratic or controlling behavior, or inability to take personal responsibility for their actions (both inside and outside the dojo) may be barred and expelled.  All clients, students and customers are required to read, agree to and sign our Membership Agreement, Code of Conduct and Liability Waiver.  We sweat, so please bring a small towel to clean up.  If sparring or rolling, please wear a mouthpiece, protective cup, sports bra & mma gloves!  Remember, you are what you eat and do, and thirst perception declines with age, so please hydrate before and after class


The Loco Dojo Creed (Kun)

I will not cheat, lie, steal or kill.
I will avoid anger, pride, violence & unhappiness.
I will faithfully love and respect my fellow human being.

I will have a positive attitude and show humilty in defeat.
I will unify my mind and skills for self defense and preservation of peace.
I will continue to practice perfection of character and self defense for life.